Jose Andres Vargas - Director  Email

Jose Andres, born in Costa Rica and pampered by the mountains of the Northern Territories, started eating mud before reaching age one, his cry was heard by Mother Nature before he was able to distinguish her call. 

And now, after many years of walking barefoot over robust grasslands, feeling the fresh mud slide between his toes, waking to the call of his relatives herding cows and baking bread with the mist of the waking sun, his urge to return to those mountains which saw him grow tall and wiry-haired embraces him and his now inseparable friend, the one that shows the rest what he sees when alone atop the hills smiling goodbye to the sun and greeting the moon, the love of his life.

“…my camera? An escapade, a shield, a whisper in someone’s ear. I’m there, you won’t see me, but I’m there…” says Andres, “…but the best photos, the signature images, they lay deep within my soul, memories I will never forget nor will they fade away like prints with the years. Those I hope I can tell you all about, you will picture them like no one else will, a unique print. Take photos, every day, with or without your camera, just make sure you store them near your heart.”

Andres has been involved in Adventure Sports nearly 15 years. His interest in the wild does not solely rest in relaxing on a treetop or lying along the river next to his dogs Tara and Guapo, but it strives for the cultural encounter, the unforgettable adventure and exploration in every expedition he partakes on.

In adventure Andres finds the opportunity to capture more than just action, he finds haven in photographing a fast paced culture, one that seeks rest in storming through the forest, climbing mountains and defying the limits of adventure.

Laura Avila Tacsan - Producer  Email

Laura Avila Tacsan is an independent producer that in 2008 eared a Fulbright Scholarship and achieved her MFA in Film & Television Producing at Chapman University.  While in Los Angeles, she assisted projects for Universal Pictures, Warner Brothers, the Producers Guild of America, the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, SIGGRAPH, and others.  After graduating she worked at mun2 (NBCUniversal) in the Programming and Development Department.  The dramatic TV series RPM Miami was one of the projects she worked on from beginning to end.

Before going to Los Angeles, Laura experienced producing short films with the alliance of young filmmakers Bisonte Producciones.  She also worked for a traveling TV show where she produced in different places of Costa Rica, México, Colombia, and Perú that included locations such as Teotihuacán, Valle del Bravo, Malinalco, Cartagena, San Andrés, Medellín, Eje Cafetero, Lima, Machu Picchu, among others.

Now Laura is in Costa Rica working in the postproduction of a Costa Rican-Singaporean film and in the preproduction of a Costa Rican-Mexican film that will go into principal photography in 2013. She is also a part time production professor in the Communications School at the University of Costa Rica and has been a producer for the Ministry of Culture’s International Festival of the Arts (FIA) and for the Costa Rica International Film Festival. 

Josh Galt - WaterMan - Associate Producer


Josh Galt is an artist, athlete, and entrepreneur who was born in the US and raised in the backwoods of Canada before returning to the States for school. 

He was finally transplanted into the wet and wild paradise of Costa Rica 4 years ago, although his addiction to travel keeps him bouncing from one time zone to another, always in search of sunshine & h2o. 

Josh has spent the past decade working in virtually all facets of multimedia production, from behind the camera as a writer, producer, photographer, videographer, and editor, along with being in front of the camera as an athlete and occasional on-air talent.

He first met Andres in Montana when they were both part of the Primal Quest® staff, and he has been part of myriad LEAD projects since then. 

Says Josh, "I love the vision that Andres has for LEAD and the passion that he pours into his art. Andres has been a great friend, inspiration, and resource for me as I have transitioned to living in a new culture and learning a new language, and I'm grateful for his openness, proud of what we've accomplished, and excited about what the future holds."


Chris Jarc - Production Assistant

Hailing from Northeastern Ohio (USA), Chris Jarc considers himself a "citizen of the world" and caught the wanderlust bug at an early age.  This only grew stronger when he took to driving and exploring the U.S. in his early 20s.  

With over 800,000km of exploration under his feet, he then made the jump into paradise in... Costa Rica. Fully embracing the Pura Vida lifestyle by feeling the energy of the land and nature, he explored and photographed as much as possible under the direction of skilled photographers.  

Equipped with an iPad and a GoPro he captures life as it happens. He loves loving every moment!  

His hard working nature and energy-packed presence has made him an invaluable resource to any team. Not to mention his signature look of wiry, blonde hair.

Chris Jarc is hard to miss and even harder to forget, and welcomes the opportunity to be a part of Lead Adventure Media!

Matías Oczachowski - Ground Logistics

Someday Matías will talk about himself. Right now he's too busy flying down the trails on his downhill mountain bike...